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Just a quick note of good shit. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time culling the metal music blogs lately, and there’s just a ton of good shit that’s been released over the last few years that I’ve been unaware of or ignored. This note is directly related to metal, but if you want to be annoyed about where to get 30s-70s country, exotica, doo-wop, and other shit, let me know. Inevitably, some of this you’ll know, but if any of it is new to you I highly recommend checking it out. I can also show you how to download almost any album that’s ever been released free without using torrents or other antiquated methods (there’s *no* risk of contracting a virus or other bullshit, especially if you’re on a Mac). It’s an ultra-simple Google search and you have just about any album in 5 mins or less. If metal bands want to keep releasing 500 copies of their records on blood-splatter vinyl worldwide then they should expect us to pursue every means necessary to procure digital copies for free. Several of us are frustrated that metal records are limited and pressed for the collector community, and I’d rather not give these fuckers money for digital downloads when I’d gladly spend the cash on an available record. Yes, some bands have no money and can’t press 5000 or 10000 copies, or aren’t on a major metal label, I get it. You can’t tell me every band on Southern Lord, Earache, Relapse, et. al. have that problem, though. If they quit with the limited/collector only editions they’d be able to afford more expansive black vinyl pressings. The perfect example is the Melvins; their new record was pressed in VERY limited quantities and they then proceeded to sell the 8 test pressings on eBay for $600+. Somebody explain that one to me. One of my favorite bands? Check. Ridiculously indefensible douche move? Check.

So without further ado, here’s a relatively short list of records I’ve been jamming (almost all released in the last few years). I’ve put an asterisk next to the very best stuff if you’re short on time or don’t give a damn enough to check everything out. If you’re interested in obtaining vinyl copies prepare to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 a record for relatively available stuff and potentially much more for OOP or limited stuff. evilBay can be a great way to get a steal, but can be frustratingly expensive too; I recommend checking your local record store (Austin has great metal selections at the local stores) or metal shops on the internet before committing to evilBay. All prices are for vinyl, and remember, it’s all available as a free and easy download on the internet. Also, if you have anything to share please let me know as that’s the point of uncovering the good shit. Enjoy!

*Inquisition – Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrosm
After sending this note to some friends a couple of the real knowledgeable fuckers came back with “have you heard Inquisition?”. I had not. Now I have and they’re easily my favorite metal band at the moment. 2 piece new-age black metal from Portland by way of Columbia.
White Wizzard – Over The Top
Re-imagined NWOBHM from LA. $15-$20
*Volture – Shocking Its Prey
Members of Municipal Waste doing great NWOBHM. $15
Devastator – The Summoning
Dark thrash. $20
Bludwulf – Cryptic Revelations
Typical but good thrash.
Nihilist – Blood Portraits
80′s-style thrash. $25
*Eliminator – Breaking the Wheel
Awesome updated speed metal from New Jersey. $15
Negative Plane – Stained Glass Revelations
American black metal from Florida.
*Deathspell Omega – Paracletus
A lot of the good black metal is coming out of France and sounds nothing like your father’s Norwegian black metal. It’s changed dramatically toward the complex and intellectual, but not in an off-putting way. Think an organic jazz approach. If that’s too much of a stretch for your myopic ass, think a black metal version of Rorschach, then go read Rock and the Pop Narcotic. This record is what everyone else is following. $22-$100
*Triptykon – Eparistera Daimones/Shatter
Ex-founding members of Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. Enough said. $25-$100
*Weapon – From the Devil’s Tomb
My favorite record on this list other than Overdose of Death. Canadian blackened death metal that, without hyperbole, is the best death metal band in years. Morbid Angel doesn’t seem very evil or satanic after you spin this. I’ll potentially have multiple copies at the Lovejoy’s record swap. $20
*Ascension – Consolamentum
Real German black metal, not Scandinavian influenced. An astounding record.
Blood Revolt – Indoctrine
Indescribable Canadian metal that is apparently pissing off the traditional metalheads b/c they don’t know how to categorize it. I do: good.
*Ghost – Opus Eponymous
Imagine if Blue Oyster Cult were from Sweden and grew up listening to the metal of the last 20 yrs, and actually worshiped Satan. Ladies and gentleman, Ghost. $30-$100
Annthennath – States of Liberating Departure
French black metal is the best and most innovative out there at the moment. Deal with it.
StarGazer – A Great Work of Ages
Wicked avantgarde blackened Aussie death metal. How can that not be good?.
*Twilight – Monument to Time End
New American black metal. Again, the Rorschach black metal comparison is valid. $15
Dødsengel – Mirium Occultum/Alongside Choronzon
Mitochondrian – Parasignosis
More Canadian blackened death metal. Canadia is asserting it’s rightful place on the frozen plains of the new Hell.
Myrkgrav – Trollskau
Norwegian black folk metal.
*Ramesses – Take The Curse
Ex-Electric Wizard. More directly heavy, punishing, and dirty than EW ever was. Less doomy, more gloomy. I was never an EW fan, but they get it right this time around. $20-$45
Clandestine Blaze – Falling Monuments
1-man Finnish black metal of questionable sanity.
Urfaust – Der Freiwillige Bettler
Unique Dutch black metal.
*Monotheist – Unforsaken
I never thought I’d be shilling for a Christian death metal band, but if you can’t find a way to like this there’s no helping you. This record is fucking unbelievably well done.
Steel Mammoth – Radiation Funeral
NWOFHM = New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal. This is great thrash, even those of you that don’t normally listen will dig this. $30
*Jesus Fucking Christ
Neurosis,, members doing hardcore. There ain’t much good/innovative hardcore anymore – this is both. $10
*Weedeater – Jason…The Dragon
If you haven’t seen them yet I’m sorry for you. They’re heavier than you, on more drugs than you, and have no idea why you think their blatant Robitussin habit is weird. New LP coming out on Southern Lord in weeks. Go share a bump with them at SXSW. $15
*Toxic Holocaust – Overdose of Death
Most of you know this already. I was waaaay late to the fucking funeral on this one, and I’m glad I saw the radioactive light. Of everything on this list, this is my favorite album to listen to right now. $15
*Rotting Christ – AEALO
The new record! Instant classic in the vein of your favorite RC albums. Flago records in Greece has been re-releasing their back-catalog at mucho cost, but worth it if you ever want a chance to score this shit on vinyl. Check out their great webstore. $25 at your local record store now!
Daath – The Hinderers
2 Berklee School of Music metal head dropouts from Atlanta.
*Eagle Twin
Original/heavy as fuck Utah 2 piece.
Velvet Cocoon
Kind of hilarious Portland black metal. Super cliched, black metal for non-black metal fans.
Gore – Mean Man’s Dream
Quality older Dutch noise rock/metal.
Excellent drone on Southern Lord.
Black Cobra
2 piece of destruction – great live.
Khanate – Catch and Release
Extreme American doom.
Godkiller – The End of the World
Classic but good one-man French epic metal.
Windir – Demos
Norwegian black metal.
Red Fang
Cello, your favorite bartender, says they’re good. Catch them at SXSW 2011.
*Thou – Summit
Killer metal punks from Louisiana. If you like High On Fire, Burning Witch, Khanate, and/or Weedeater. I’ve seen them described as dronier, druggier, less sane, next-level High On Fire.
Nachtmystium – Black Meddle I and II
Jessica at Lovejoy’s  recently turned me on to them. You all know them already, they’re good.
Spanish metal.
*A Storm of Light
Ex-Neurosis atmospheric metal


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