Money/Privilege – You Deserve Less

Backstage note by Henry Rollins

I have an acquaintance at my neighborhood bar/restaurant, a popular place – and deservedly so – that attracts the sort of people we both loathe. People that don’t live on our side of town. (But, you know, they’re successful and doing what they need to do. If the douchebags take over, as they do just about anywhere in this town that we don’t protect, so be it. Sometimes you can’t survive in this kind of business without ’em.)

Anyway, illegal immigrant, great dude, etc. This sign reminds me that he should be making as much money as anybody, but as the illegals do, he works harder than anybody, gets none of the glory, and keeps his fuckin’ mouth shut. I’m not saying you should apologize or feel guilty for your privilege/luck, just that you need to be cognizant at all times of those that got fucked in ways that you didn’t. Next time you ignore/ look down upon an illegal (honestly, you do it and probably don’t even know it), remember, they should get your salary and you should get theirs.


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