SXSW Saturday Reviews

Flatstock 2011
Always great shit here. If you’re not familiar with it, Flatstock is the music-centric poster/art show in the Auston Convention every year. Great stuff and nice people, as usual. I’ll post pics of the prints I bought somewhere down the road.

Free show @ Lovejoy’s

Heard they were incredible. Thirty minutes from seeing them at Valhalla. Seemed like nice people too. Always cool when that’s the case.

Layered, textures, creeping doom. Will be good on record. Fun band and worth checking out/buying the record.

Missed ’em for Flatstock. Have heard both good and bad things.

The Body
Lots of people there to see them. Wasn’t my thing. Heavy 90’s-style hardcore. Lot of this around. Lame.

Missed ’em. Have also heard good and bad things.

Dark Castle
Badass, as always. Love the new songs.

Bruce Lamont
Ambient soundscapes, yet still organic. I’d actually listen to this at home, not sure what you’ll think. Kind of like Master Musicians of Bukkake.

Wolvhammer (redux)
Sheesh. Is everybody copying 90’s hardcore and turning it into metal? Enough of my friends are in unoriginal bands like this. What the fuck?! We need more musicians who aren’t record collectors. Think about that, seriously. Fuckin’ hell.

Scoot Inn Showcase

Primitive Weapons
Only caught the end, but didn’t sound like anything special.

Ancient VVisdom
Sounds interesting. We’ll see … Holy shit! Awful…

Badass, bluesy-based heavy rockin’ shit. The way it’s s’posed to be. Yes, there’s still rock ‘n roll, you pussies. Fuck your cookie-cutter metal shit.

Good as hell, although I don’t trust their popularity.

Wicked heavy rock, not metal. You heard me.


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