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SXSW Thursday Reviews

Thrasher Day Party @ Scoot Inn

Runaway dogs, traffic, and flat tires will conspire to keep you from a Robitussin-induced trance, but nothing was keeping me from catching some of Weedeater. Even though I only got the last few songs, they rocked, as always. Got the new record on vinyl too, no mean feat for skimpy (and stupid) Southern Lord vinyl releases. I’ll be attending their showcase. Can’t wait.

Full Metal Texas Party @ Emo’s

“Four songs in forty minutes”? Fuck yes. Is YOB the heaviest band ever? Possibly. When I first heard them I summarily dismissed the records – boy, was I apocalyptically wrong. Organic and sinister, YOB is the new, yet surprisingly familiar soundtrack to the slow-motion apocalypse. Like armies of the damned undead rising from the earth. SALO666 put it best: “Tectonic plates shifting”. The most percussive guitar this side of Greg Ginn, and an atomic bomb-like rhythm section. Fuckin’ A. They’re playing one more show at Barbarella tonight at 1am and that’s it. Don’t miss them, they haven’t been here in five years and don’t often tour.

Free Show/Party @ 777 Shady Ln.
I live blocks from here, metal in the hood! Free beer and food. Go to this shit – starts at 8pm.

Showcase @ Barbarella
Witch Mountain
Just caught the very end of their set. Sounded good. Heavier NWOBHM with dueling female/male vocals. Buying the record – we’ll see.

I was expecting big things, but these guys just didn’t deliver. Part of the problem was the sound at Barbarella which was mediocre at best. That said, Agalloch simply had no punch, no low end, and attempt an amateurish brand of black metal infused metal-rock that really goes nowhere and breaks no ground.

Waiting for them to go on. Expecting another unreal set, but the sound sucks here and they’re playing outside so who knows. Get a YOB, motherfucker! … When’s the last time you grinned through a set like you were tripping on some heavy psychedelics? Been since Femi Kuti in 2001 for me. YOB is going to be hard to beat for THE shows of SXSW. Saint Vitus, EYEHATEGOD, Weedeater, HULL? We’ll see.

See you at the ND, Scoot Inn, and Lovejoy’s during the day on Friday, then the Dirty Dog at night. Smile and say you love Satan!


SXSW Saturday


Waterloo Records presents: J Mascis (inside, 4:30pm), Meat Puppets (2pm) @ Waterloo Records [a] [m] [free, outside unless indicated]

Cheapo Records presents: Sons of Hercules (6pm) @ Cheapo Records [a] [m] [free]

FYF Fest and Fun Fun Fun Fest present MWTX: OFF! more TBA @ East Side Drive-In (1001 E. 6th St.) [starts at 11:30am, free with RSVP, all ages]

Brooklyn Vegan and Profound Lore Records presents: Tombs, Dark Castle, The Body, Deafheaven, Wolvhammer, Grayceon, Castevet, Batillus, Altaar @ Lovejoys [a] [m] [noon-7pm, free]

Rachael Ray’s Feedback: Wanda Jackson @ Stubb’s [a] [m] [free, RSVP]

Thrasher Magazine presents Texas Style Death Match: Trap Them (5pm), Night Horse (4pm), Lecherous Gaze (3pm), Naam (2pm), True Widow (1pm) at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [outside] | Danava (4:30pm), Eagle Twin (3:30pm), The Main Street Gospel (2:30pm), Buffalo Killers (1:30pm) @ Scoot Inn [a] [m] [inside]

South by San Jose: Dennis Coffey (6pm) @ Jo’s Coffee (1300 S. Congress) [free]

Whoopsy Magazine Party: Black Eyed Vermillion (5pm), Hickoids (3pm) @ Trophy’s [a] [m] [stage 1] | Baby Dick (5:30pm), Texas Terri (4:30pm) [stage 2]

The Midwest Music Foundation presents the MidCoast Takeover: Drag the River (3:45pm) @ The Liberty (1618 1/2 E. 6th St.) [free]

Future of Music Fest: Pack of Wolves (1am), Battilus (12:15am), Hulls (11:30pm), Fire from the Gods (10:45pm), Newlywed (10pm), Roky Moon and Bolt (9pm), The Watermarks (8pm), The Migrant (7pm), The Canvas Waiting (6pm), The Couch (5pm), Zlam Dunk (4pm), Sundress (3pm), Suite 709 (2pm), Kinch (1pm), Backbeat Magazine BTOB winner (noon) @ Shiner’s Saloon (422 Congress Ave.) [free, 21+, RSVP]

Vice Kills Texas 2011: OFF! @ the Starr Building (111 W. 6th St.) [midnight-6am, free with RSVP, 21+]



ALTAAR (7pm), Wolvhammer (9pm), @ Valhalla

Cough (8pm), NAAM (11pm), EYEHATEGOD (12am), Pentagram (1am) @ Scoot Inn

Khaira Arby @ Habana Bar Backyard [9:30pm]

Meat Puppets with Roky Erickson @ Austin Music Hall [9:50]

Dennis Coffey @ Beauty Bar [12am]

Drag The River (12am), Valient Thorr (1am) @ Barbarella

The Cynics @ Easy Tiger Patio [1am]

Quintron and Miss Pussycat @ Mohawk Patio [1am]


SXSW Friday


Triple Crown Tattoo presents: Pack of Wolves (5:10pm), Batillus (4:15pm), Mutilation Rites (3:20pm), Hull (2:25pm), Lions of Tsavo (1:30pm) @ Triple Crown Tattoo Parlor (1157 Chicon St.) [free, free drinks]

Spin Party: OFF! @ Stubb’s [a] [m] [outside]

BrooklynVegan, KF Records & Partisan Records present: J Mascis (5pm) @ The Swan Dive (615 Red River)

Brooklyn Vegan/1000 Knives/Left Hand Brewing present: Ringworm (6:15pm), Wormrot (5:30pm), Gaza (4:45pm), Magrudergrind (4pm), Cough (3:15pm), KEN Mode (2:30pm), Kill the Client (1:45pm), Salvation (1pm), Owen Hart (12:15pm) @ Lovejoys [a] [m] [free, 21+]

Southern Lord Records & Spaceland present The Power of the Riff: Trash Talk (5pm), The Secret (4:15pm), Eagle Twin (3:30pm), All Pigs Must Die (2:45pm), Trap Them (2pm), Masakari (1:15pm), The County Bucks (12:30pm) at ND (501 IH-35, entrance at 5th and Brushy) [free]

Thrasher Magazine presents Texas Style Death Match: Pentagram (5pm), Green & Wood (4pm), Sweet Apple (3pm), Fang Island (2pm), Balance and Composure (1pm) @ Scoot Inn [a] [m] [inside]

Meat Puppets’ 2nd Annual High Tea For Twits: Meat Puppets (6:15pm), Hickoids (4:45pm) @ Dog and Duck Pub (406 W. 17th St.) [free, all ages]

Volcom Entertainment and Volcom Jeans present the 4th (Not So Annual) Free Beer Party: Valient Thorr @ Jackalope (404 E. 6th St., 8pm) [free]

Whoopsy Magazine Party: The Lord Weird Slough Feg (7pm), Lions (5pm), Honky (4pm) @ Trophy’s [a] [m] [stage 1]

Metal Meet Up & South by South Death: Kvelertak, Havok, Red Fang, Wormrot, Meek Is Murder @ Headhunters [a] [m] [discussion at noon, bands 2-6pm, free]

Industry of Music – A Transatlantic Rock Affair: Mike Watt (6:30pm), The Bellrays (1pm) @ Ginger Man (301 Lavaca) [free, RSVP]

Goner Records Showcase: Quintron and Miss Pussycat (1am) @ Beerland [a] [m] [$10]

Sons of Hercules @ Legendary White Swan (1906 E. 12th St.) [8pm]

4th Annual Hillgrass Bluebilly xSXSW Showcase: Drag the River (11:40pm) @ Hole in the Wall [a] [m] [$8]



J Mascis @ Radio Day Stage at the Austin Convention Center [3:50pm]

Red Fang (8:30pm), Weedeater (8:55pm), Kylesa (9:40pm), Saint Vitus (12:35am) @ Dirty Dog Bar

James Hand @ Saxon Pub [8:30pm]

J Mascis @ Red 7 Patio [12:101m]

Texas Terri Bomb with The Hot Things @ Karma Loung [1am]

Iron Age @ Headhunters [1am]

SXSW Wednesday Review


Dark Castle (St. Augustine, Florida)
Great! I usually hate two pieces, but Dark Castle is an exception. The new material is 70’s inflected heavy groovin’ shit. More atmospheric and throbbingly heavy than the earlier songs. Stevie, the guitar player, says there’s a new record out soon.

Gay For Johnny Depp (New York City)
Awful, awful, posing shit. These guys are fucking idiots and you can see it onstage. Something weird going on as if they’re trying to be tongue-in-cheek, but they obviously take themselves seriously. Horrible band. If you’re unfortunate enough to see them, laugh at them and yourself if you paid to get in.



Hull (Brooklyn)
Awesome. Atmospheric. Sonically complex. Hawkwind-ish at times and jazz chords at others. Check them out over the next four days of SXSW. Thursday they’re playing the Full Metal Texas show at Emo’s at 3:10pm.

Asahara (Austin)
Same old punk/hardcore shit. I’d heard they were good, but they’re not breaking new ground. If you like your punk with 80’s speed and 90’s recycled hardcore riffs you’ll like Asahara.

Skycrawler (Austin)
Heavy, groovin’, keyboards! Just their fourth show and already they sound good. Super fucking heavy four piece, but, unfortunately, I couldn’t hear the keyboard player. Look for them around town, they’re worth your time.

Green & Wood (Los Angeles)
Rocking heaviness with a healthy 70’s undercurrent of rumbling riffage. Very jamming. Looking forward to seeing them again at the Thrasher party at Scoot Inn before Pentagram on Friday.

Say you love Satan!

SXSW Tuesday Review


No Moleste attended the $6(!) Swamp Fest metal show at Klub Krucial (lame hip-hop club with surprisingly good acoustics converted into an Emo’s annex for SXSW) on Wednesday evening – here’s a breakdown of the show in reverse order.

Kylesa headlined with their douchy, arena rock bullshit and it was as laughably bad as every other time I’ve seen them. I still don’t get the attraction to this band; it’s like a group of posed out metal head middle-school kids put a band together to cover Damad songs for the school talent show. Only that would be kind of fun, this band is just high-comedy. Being surrounded by douchebags from Westlake and Beverly Hills didn’t help and only made it easier to bail mid-set.

Austin’s The Roller absolutely crushed through the best show I’ve ever seen them play. I didn’t think the crowd knew what to do with their slow, bluesed-out heaviness, but I got different opinions from the No Molestess and others so perhaps I read it wrong. For my money, if the crowd isn’t rocking the fuck out they aren’t into the shit on stage, this isn’t MC5 blowing the faces off people standing in ’60’s stunned catatonia. Do yourself a favor and get their new record, they are destroying more popular/well-known bands off the stage.

HOD from San Antonio is decidedly fat, cheesy, and hilarious, and I had a good time laughing through their set. The singer sounds like he’s ripping off Inquisition badly, but the music is fun, especially if you’re not stuck looking at them. They were too lazy to set up a merch table so I didn’t get a record, unfortunately. Regardless, my single favorite moment of the night other than the Roller and some little metal guy getting destroyed whilst attempting to start a pit was when the singer said, “Y’all are a lame crowd. This song is called ‘Beneath the Mountains of the Scorpian'”. Zing! Nice one, uber metal singer guy – you might be taken seriously in San Antonio, but you are an absolute joke in this town.

Mammoth Grinder opened and were surprisingly good. They’ve been opening for any and all metal shows in Austin for a while and I hadn’t gotten a chance seen them yet so they made for a nice surprise. They play a varying brand of rollicking, rock and 70’s punk influenced rock/metal that deserves better than a perennial opening slot. Looking forward to listening to the LP.

Overall, the show was a fun way to ease into SXSW, and tomorrow will be the start of good day shows. Dixie Witch, Dark Castle, and Rwake will be playing a free show at Scoot Inn starting at 1pm before the day gives way to a great night lineup at Emo’s. OFF! and Bad Brains highlight the outside showcase, and Arson Anthem, The Secret, and The Roller will be playing inside. See ya there!

SXSW Thursday


Austin Facial Hair Club presents Grackle Rock Day 2: Japan Preview Show with Vampillia (7pm), Oh Sunshine (6:25pm), Takashi Kamide (5:50pm), Hystoic Vein (5:15pm), YDESTROYDE (4:40pm), Suck Piggy (4:05pm), Lolita #18 (3:30pm), White White Sisters (2:55pm), DJ Teraoka and the Revolution (2:20pm), Mo’Some Tonebender (1:45pm), Zukunasisters (1:10pm), Sonodaband (12:35pm), Puffyshoes (noon) @ The Grackle (1700 E. 6th St.) [free, free beer randomly throughout the day]

Sacred Bones/Stereogum/Chaos in Tejas present a Free Show in Austin: Altaar (Oslo), Amen Dunes, Anika (Berlin, DJ Set), Chelsea Wolfe, Cult of Youth, Frankie & the Heartstrings (UK), Human Eye, Liturgy, Moon Duo, Pop. 1280, Slug Guts (Australia), Soft Moon, Trust (Toronto), Zola Jesus @ Beerland [a] [m] [2pm-2am, free]

South by San Jose: Wanda Jackson (8pm) @ Jo’s Coffee (1300 S. Congress) [free]

Pitchfork presents #OFFLINE: J Mascis (5pm) [stage 1, free] | OFF! (4:30pm) @ East Side Drive-In (1001 E. 6th St.) [stage 2, free]

Thrasher Magazine presents Texas Style Death Match: Trash Talk (5pm), Weedeater (4pm), Zoroaster (3pm), Liturgy (2pm), The Body (1pm) @ Scoot Inn [a] [m] [outside]

CMRTYZ Records, Psychic Lunch Records, and HoZac Records present SiiickXSW: Quintron & Miss Pussycat (11:30pm) @ 1112 E. 6th St.[free]

Full Metal Texas: Yob (5pm), Trap Them (4:05pm), Hull (3:10pm), Kvelertak (2:20pm), Rwake (1:35pm), All Pigs Must Die (12:50pm), Goes Cube (12:05pm) @ Emo’s [a] [m] [inside stage]

Paste Magazine Party in Austin: J Mascis, The Submarines, Exene Cervenka @ The Stage on 6th (508 E. 6th St.) [11:30am-8pm, free, RSVP]

Roky Erickson’s Ice Cream Social: Roky Erickson, Peter Buck, The Riverboat Gamblers, J Mascis, Peelander-Z, more TBA @ Threadgills (301 W. Riverside Dr.) [starts at noon]

Unofficial Cyclopean Records Showcase: Mammoth Grinder, Hatred Surge, The Roller, Green & Wood, Sungod, Strider and Catheter @ The Magic Number (777 Shady Lane) [8pm, free, free beer and food]



Promoting DisCord in the DesCene @ Austin Convention Center (Room 12AB) [3:30pm]



Rwake (8pm), Danava (10pm), Zoroaster (1am) @ Valhalla (710 Red River)

The New Mastersounds @ ACL Live at The Mood Theater (W Hotel, 310 W. 2nd)

Amber Asylum (9pm), Agalloch (11:45pm), Dixie Witch (1am), YOB (1am) @ Barbarella Patio (611 Red River)

OFF! (10pm) @ Club De Ville (900 Red River)

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club (12:10am) @ Red 7 (611 E. 7th)

East Bay Ray & The Killer Smiles (1am) @ Skinny’s Ballroom (115 San Jacinto)

SXSW Wednesday


Thrasher Magazine presents Texas Style Death Match: KEN Mode (5pm), All Pigs Must Die (4pm), Rwake (3pm), Dark Castle (2pm), Dixie Witch (1pm) @ Scoot Inn [a] [m] [outside]

AnSo SXSW Day Party: Slim Cessna’s Auto Club (Denver) + others @ Spiderhouse [stage #1]

Paisley Umbrella’s Third Annual International Psychout: Sons of Hercules (5:30pm) + others @ Spiderhouse Ballroom (510 W. 29th St.) [free]

Pawn Shop Rock: Baby Got Bacteria (3pm) @ Cash America Pawn/ Sno-Beach parking lot (3402 Guadalupe) [free]

Rwake, Dark Castle, Royal Thunder, The Roller, Skycrawler, Asahara, Hull, Batillus @ Broken Neck [a] [m] [6pm]

Kylesa, The Secret, The Roller @ Emo’s Inside [Brooklyn Vegan Day Party]


Tropical Hot Dog Panel @ Austin Convention Center (Room 12B) [12:30pm]

Our Band Could Still Be Your Life @ Austin Convention Center (Room 16B) [2:00pm]


Shit Horse @ Habana Bar [8pm]

J Mascis @ La Zona Rosa [9pm]

Jimmie Dale Gilmore & The Wronglers @ The Victorian Room in the Driskill [9pm]

OFF!, Bad Brains @ Emo’s Main Room [9:50pm]

Arson Anthem [night]

SXSW Tuesday

The South by Southwest Music Festival is here and the free shows and parties have begun. I’ll be posting daily updates and recommendations throughout, and for the record, if it ain’t listed here, don’t bother. That said, let me know if I missed something. Also, remember that showcases are reserved for badge holders and wristbands, but there’s always a chance you can get into a show if you try hard enough.With the large number of concurrent shows getting into a showcase is always a possibility, and if they won’t let you in, get creative.



Swamp presents Swamp Fest: Kylesa, The Roller, Mammoth Grinder, HOD at Klub Krucial (614 E. 6th St.) [+] [8pm]

Easy Action, the Sons of Hercules, Tempo Tantrums at Ruta Maya [a] [m] [+] [8pm]

Pre-SXSW Panache Party: Slim Cessna’s Auto Club + others at the Scoot Inn [a] [m] [+] [outside, 8pm-2am, $10, 21+]



Psychic TV/PTV3 at Elysium [12:30am]

RIP: Owsley Stanley

Illustration by Jody Hewgill

Owsley Stanley, AKA Bear, died Sunday, March 13th in his adopted home of Queensland, Australia. Born in Kentucky in 1935, 2 1/2 years before Hunter S.Thompson (he, of Louisville), he was an enormously important American countercultural figure who single-handedly changed the face of the world in ways that will surprise you. Bear never really received the kind of attention he deserved, although I’d hazard a guess that he preferred it that way. He was many things: inventor, builder, scientist, iconoclast, sound engineer, and philosopher, and he can still be learned from.

For further reading check out the Boing Boing Obituary, Owsley’s Wikipedia page, and his own website, The Bear’s Pages.

Sit Back and Bleed

The site isn’t even a week old and we already have our first guest blogger – welcome SALO666 and the first installment of SIT BACK AND BLEED!

Here’s a list of some stuff I’m spinning (vinyl and digital):

Fucking Lovecraftian doom/death from Portland (the drummer owns Parasitic Records which is a fucking killer label/distro).
Ash Borer
Hypnotic black metal from Cali that will fucking blow your mind…raw, transcendent while primal.
Begrime Exemious
Dirty dirty muddy dirty sludgy dirty grindy muddy death metal…dark and dank like a pervert’s cellar.
Blood Ceremony
Canadian doom rock old school occult rock with Hammond organ, flute, and badass female vocals.
Blood Of Kingu
The new one is fucking slaying my drives to work and school…members of Hate Forest/Drudkh (Ukrainian black metal) BoK is more blackened death with Sumerian and middle eastern bits.
California-based black metal with a bit of shoe gaze and post rock, but this is some amazing stuff…self titled.
Christian Mistress
More female fronted heavy metal, this time from Olympia, WA.
This is some fucking great blackened sludge with a bit of a groove at times. If you can get the vinyl…do it. Amazing packaging.
This is my go-to music for black metal hunger. Signed to Deathwish Inc. (which is so weird), this is amazing. Cali based again. West coast black metal is just phenomenal right now. They’re coming out with a full length in about a month.
Spain-based blackened crust punk with a “go fuck yourself” attitude and topless tattooed chicks on the album covers….dirty, loose, fun, and fucking killer.
Endless Disease
Crusty and super pissed off black metal from TX!!!!! The only release is a digital EP entitled OUR TIME IS THE END. This shit is angry!!!!!!!!
Fell Voices
Much like Ash Borer, hypnotic black metal in the vein of the new Cascadian (NW and Canadian black metal) movement, great shit.
Cali black metal again….hypno-drone and buzzing blasts with eerie vocals. Check this shit out, it’ll put you in a fucking mood.
One-man anarcho crust punk black metal (think if His Hero Is Gone decided to worship the earth and embrace eco-terrorism, but start a black metal band that sounded like a more political Wolves In The Throne Room…A. Lundr is the mastermind and he is a dreaded anarchist).
Prosanctus Inferi
This is some dirty, creepy death metal/black metal fusion. Raw and lo-fi but not shitty in a “we do this so that you’ll pay $400 for a limited vinyl record”. These guys are creeps.
Cascadian black metal. Pretty sure these guys have just broken up which is a shame. Very good shit.
Cali black metal again. More of a blackened war metal feel, but still amazing stuff.
New Zealand black metal. Members of Diocletian (this band and the whole NZ scene is so fucking twisted) doing swampy and dirty black metal.
Members of Diocletian doing some “out there” death metal – extremely forward thinking in my opinion.
More Cali black metal but with a bit more melody and a few parts of clean vocals. A bit of a crust/thrash feel to there song-writing.

If you aren’t already aware, check out Hell’s Headbangers Distro. They carry a lot of these releases on vinyl and they are fucking amazing with prices and shipping. I’ve ordered a bunch (and that’s an understatement) from them and they go crazy with the packaging for shipping. They take care of your purchases and they are very reasonable. They are also putting out Inquisition’s newest on vinyl. You need to see it. It’s crazy.

If you ever want to chat about fucked up music, you know how to reach me. The darker and angrier it is, the more I love it.

Sit back and bleed out while the world swallows us whole.