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Rotting Christ @ Emo’s

Well, what the fuck?! I’m at the Rotting Christ show at Emo’s, there’s less than 100 people here. Utterly bizarre. Obviously one of the best metal bands of the last 20 years will have no incentive for returning. They’re about to go on…

Rotting Christ “King of Stellar War” – Fuzz Club, Athens – January 8, 2011

What a show! They destroyed in a tiny room to a tiny crowd. Seems that they cut the set short a bit, but they played their asses off anyway. Let that be a lesson to you. They played about half new songs from AEALO and half songs from Triarchy of the Lost Lovers, Non-Servium, Passage to Arcturo, etc. I lost my shit during “King of a Stellar War” as I’ve been waiting since 1996 to hear it live. Fuckin’ incredible.

You motherfuckers are pathetic. One of your favorite bands comes to town and NOBODY shows up?! Amazing. There were probably 60 or 70 people there total, and they had to be 90% from San Antonio and surrounding areas. If there we’re more than 10 people from Austin, I’d be shocked. The band kept saying, “Thanks, Austin!”…little did they know. You people are a goddamned embarrassment.

As was said, “thanks, Austin”. You missed an amazing show, and didn’t give any band any reason to ever come to this town again. I hope you had fun sitting on your asses at home just like you’ll keep resting on your non-existent musical laurels. Maybe if you saw how a real band does it you’d make something of your own fading musical aspirations. Here’s to all of you never having your shows attended again and having the paying customers rightfully laugh you off the stage. As a friend said at the show, “they’re all sitting around at home playing Woody Guthrie songs”. Nothing wrong with that if that’s your new thing and you’ve outgrown metal or whatever your sad excuse is, but I didn’t see you at George Jones either. Come to think of it, most of you don’t do shit. Consider this a big fuck off for ever supporting your bands again. Very few of you know what the hell you’re doing anyway, it’s just that nobody but me has the balls to tell you.

You lazy, delusional, burnout rehashers of the previous season’s styles. You’ll never get it.

Thanks, Austin.