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Wire @ Mohawk – Austin, TX

At Wire. Hate to say it, but it’s pretty lame. No energy from band or crowd. Pretty disappointing setlist, show, crowd, etc. We’ll always have the first couple of LPs.


Record Store Day! 4.16.2011

Saturday, April 16th, 2011 is Record Store Day and Austin has a ton of our great local record stores participating. Go buy some records and support your local businesses! We’re lucky to have ’em, and there’s no better day (and way) to show your support and appreciation.

Out of the Past Collectibles Austin, TX WEBSITE
Antone’s Record Shop Austin, TX WEBSITE
Musicmania Austin, TX WEBSITE
End of an Ear Austin, TX WEBSITE
BackSpin Records Austin, TX WEBSITE
Cheapo Austin, TX WEBSITE
Snake Eyes Vinyl Austin, TX WEBSITE
Waterloo Records Austin, TX WEBSITE
Immortal Performances Austin, TX
Encore Records Austin, TX WEBSITE
Trailer Space Records Austin, TX WEBSITE
Cheapo Records Austin, TX WEBSITE

George Jones @ Rodeo Austin

The Ol’ Possum played the Rodeo Austin: Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo in place of the incomparable Loretta Lynn, and it was a night for a lifetime for a fan. There couldn’t have been more than a few thousand people there, and George still rocked it as best he could. He’s definitely getting old and his voice is having trouble hitting all of the old notes, but that didn’t stop him from rolling out versions of “Why Baby Why” and a great medley of “White Lightning/The Window Up Above/She Thinks I Still Care”. The older, faster tunes definitely needed to be slowed down so he could keep up, and he and the band have structured the set so that he has what I would call a co-singer that helps fill the gaps in the songs he has trouble and the band delivers several rockin’ fun instrumental bluegrass tunes to help give his voice a rest and fill out the set. They rest of the night was mostly down-tempo hits from the 70s and 80s like “He Stopped Loving Her Today” and gospel tunes, and it was an all-around fun time to see George do his thing, have fun, and not miss a beat.

He promised they’d be back before it was all over , and I highly encourage you to see him if you get a chance. He seemed in great spirits, but there was a certain sadness that crept into the proceedings when he talked about how the world doesn’t care about “traditional country music” (i.e., the only real country music) and he seemed to feel largely forgotten about. That seemed to me an incredible tragedy. We’ve lost enough culture over the last 10 years, it’s a shame that real, good music is fading in favor of plastic, electronic voice tuning, sugar, money, and plastic.

I, for one, will never forget…


Here’s to hoping that Loretta will stop back in to make up for canceling too, it doesn’t get any better than this…

Rotting Christ @ Emo’s

Well, what the fuck?! I’m at the Rotting Christ show at Emo’s, there’s less than 100 people here. Utterly bizarre. Obviously one of the best metal bands of the last 20 years will have no incentive for returning. They’re about to go on…

Rotting Christ “King of Stellar War” – Fuzz Club, Athens – January 8, 2011

What a show! They destroyed in a tiny room to a tiny crowd. Seems that they cut the set short a bit, but they played their asses off anyway. Let that be a lesson to you. They played about half new songs from AEALO and half songs from Triarchy of the Lost Lovers, Non-Servium, Passage to Arcturo, etc. I lost my shit during “King of a Stellar War” as I’ve been waiting since 1996 to hear it live. Fuckin’ incredible.

You motherfuckers are pathetic. One of your favorite bands comes to town and NOBODY shows up?! Amazing. There were probably 60 or 70 people there total, and they had to be 90% from San Antonio and surrounding areas. If there we’re more than 10 people from Austin, I’d be shocked. The band kept saying, “Thanks, Austin!”…little did they know. You people are a goddamned embarrassment.

As was said, “thanks, Austin”. You missed an amazing show, and didn’t give any band any reason to ever come to this town again. I hope you had fun sitting on your asses at home just like you’ll keep resting on your non-existent musical laurels. Maybe if you saw how a real band does it you’d make something of your own fading musical aspirations. Here’s to all of you never having your shows attended again and having the paying customers rightfully laugh you off the stage. As a friend said at the show, “they’re all sitting around at home playing Woody Guthrie songs”. Nothing wrong with that if that’s your new thing and you’ve outgrown metal or whatever your sad excuse is, but I didn’t see you at George Jones either. Come to think of it, most of you don’t do shit. Consider this a big fuck off for ever supporting your bands again. Very few of you know what the hell you’re doing anyway, it’s just that nobody but me has the balls to tell you.

You lazy, delusional, burnout rehashers of the previous season’s styles. You’ll never get it.

Thanks, Austin.

The SXSW Economy

The SXSW economy [infographic].

SXSW Saturday Reviews

Flatstock 2011
Always great shit here. If you’re not familiar with it, Flatstock is the music-centric poster/art show in the Auston Convention every year. Great stuff and nice people, as usual. I’ll post pics of the prints I bought somewhere down the road.

Free show @ Lovejoy’s

Heard they were incredible. Thirty minutes from seeing them at Valhalla. Seemed like nice people too. Always cool when that’s the case.

Layered, textures, creeping doom. Will be good on record. Fun band and worth checking out/buying the record.

Missed ’em for Flatstock. Have heard both good and bad things.

The Body
Lots of people there to see them. Wasn’t my thing. Heavy 90’s-style hardcore. Lot of this around. Lame.

Missed ’em. Have also heard good and bad things.

Dark Castle
Badass, as always. Love the new songs.

Bruce Lamont
Ambient soundscapes, yet still organic. I’d actually listen to this at home, not sure what you’ll think. Kind of like Master Musicians of Bukkake.

Wolvhammer (redux)
Sheesh. Is everybody copying 90’s hardcore and turning it into metal? Enough of my friends are in unoriginal bands like this. What the fuck?! We need more musicians who aren’t record collectors. Think about that, seriously. Fuckin’ hell.

Scoot Inn Showcase

Primitive Weapons
Only caught the end, but didn’t sound like anything special.

Ancient VVisdom
Sounds interesting. We’ll see … Holy shit! Awful…

Badass, bluesy-based heavy rockin’ shit. The way it’s s’posed to be. Yes, there’s still rock ‘n roll, you pussies. Fuck your cookie-cutter metal shit.

Good as hell, although I don’t trust their popularity.

Wicked heavy rock, not metal. You heard me.

SXSW Friday Reviews

Got out late again today so started at Lovejoy’s at 5pm due to Scoot Inn being too full with Green and Wood and Pentagram playing free. Hoped to see Eagle Twin at ND, but missed that too. Shit.

Lovejoy’s Free Show
I was told Cough was good, and I’ll catch their showcase at Scoot Inn on Saturday.

Nothing is heavy after seeing YOB and these guys are proof. Not only that, they’re pretty much bringing 90’s metallified hardcore to the table, and if you’re not breaking new ground in this kind of genre what are you playing for? 90’s hardcore already happened, guys, and it mostly sucked then (with notable exceptions) – please leave it dead and buried. It only got worse with the singer proselytizing about the state of the world between songs. I can read, dude, keep your opinions to yourself. That said, the crowd seemed mostly into it – not that people have taste.

Pile-driving and taut pounding hardcore from Singapore. Kind of fun and interesting, but this show is turning into a typical hardcore show from 1992 – it bored me then and it bores me now. A friend said it best, “that was kind of fun, but I’d never listen to the record if I had it”. Tells you all you need to know.

I thought I’d heard of these guys and, sure enough, they’re a hardcore band from Cleveland that started in 1991. They’re on Victory records, need I say more? Decent to listen to, not awful, just, again, 90’s hardcore shit. To be fair, some of the thrashier elements are decent and interesting, but beyond that it’s not worth my time. The crowd full of fat, tattooed hardcore hippity-hoppity meatheads reliving their childhoods was pathetic and hilarious. Their silly “hardcore” disco dancing only made it worse. Most of these fuckers were pushing maximum density and making it hard to breathe from the laughing…and lack of oxygen. They’ll be gone in a few days, thankfully.

Heading to the showcase at Dirty Dog (a shitty, shitty frat bar) tonight. Highlights include Red Fang, Weedeater, and Saint Vitus. I hate Kylesa and Witchburn sound cheesy so we’ll see what transpires. Stay tuned!

Dirty Dog Showcase

Red Fang
Dirty, driving, heavy rock ‘n roll. Pretty fun stuff that’s easy to listen to, Red Fang are good musicians that write quality tunes. Strangely, this kind of music isn’t as prevalent as you would think or hope. Red Fang are carrying the rock torch – worth getting the record, for sure.

Drugs and destruction. They’re fucking great. Weird that they played almost all old tunes when the new LP came out two days ago, but it was fun if you’ve been a fan for a while. Great dudes, great shit.

On now. They’re incredibly fucking contrived. And everybody loves them – never trust that. It’s like emo-metal. Awful, as usual … Kylesa’s set almost over, they’re an overamped emo band. How can you not see this? Wake it the fuck up.

They’re tolerable. That’s it.

If you like this band I have a gas chamber in my basement. All you need to know about the world is that everybody left after they played and before Saint Vitus. Saint Vitus! This world is inexorably fucked. Ugh.

Saint Vitus
Once-in-a-lifetime, they were amazing. Sounds like they may be recording a new record too!

On to Saturday! Great show at Lovejoy’s during the day then on to Scoot Inn for Cough, NAAM, EYEHATEGOD, and Pentagram.

SXSW Thursday Reviews

Thrasher Day Party @ Scoot Inn

Runaway dogs, traffic, and flat tires will conspire to keep you from a Robitussin-induced trance, but nothing was keeping me from catching some of Weedeater. Even though I only got the last few songs, they rocked, as always. Got the new record on vinyl too, no mean feat for skimpy (and stupid) Southern Lord vinyl releases. I’ll be attending their showcase. Can’t wait.

Full Metal Texas Party @ Emo’s

“Four songs in forty minutes”? Fuck yes. Is YOB the heaviest band ever? Possibly. When I first heard them I summarily dismissed the records – boy, was I apocalyptically wrong. Organic and sinister, YOB is the new, yet surprisingly familiar soundtrack to the slow-motion apocalypse. Like armies of the damned undead rising from the earth. SALO666 put it best: “Tectonic plates shifting”. The most percussive guitar this side of Greg Ginn, and an atomic bomb-like rhythm section. Fuckin’ A. They’re playing one more show at Barbarella tonight at 1am and that’s it. Don’t miss them, they haven’t been here in five years and don’t often tour.

Free Show/Party @ 777 Shady Ln.
I live blocks from here, metal in the hood! Free beer and food. Go to this shit – starts at 8pm.

Showcase @ Barbarella
Witch Mountain
Just caught the very end of their set. Sounded good. Heavier NWOBHM with dueling female/male vocals. Buying the record – we’ll see.

I was expecting big things, but these guys just didn’t deliver. Part of the problem was the sound at Barbarella which was mediocre at best. That said, Agalloch simply had no punch, no low end, and attempt an amateurish brand of black metal infused metal-rock that really goes nowhere and breaks no ground.

Waiting for them to go on. Expecting another unreal set, but the sound sucks here and they’re playing outside so who knows. Get a YOB, motherfucker! … When’s the last time you grinned through a set like you were tripping on some heavy psychedelics? Been since Femi Kuti in 2001 for me. YOB is going to be hard to beat for THE shows of SXSW. Saint Vitus, EYEHATEGOD, Weedeater, HULL? We’ll see.

See you at the ND, Scoot Inn, and Lovejoy’s during the day on Friday, then the Dirty Dog at night. Smile and say you love Satan!

SXSW Wednesday Review


Dark Castle (St. Augustine, Florida)
Great! I usually hate two pieces, but Dark Castle is an exception. The new material is 70’s inflected heavy groovin’ shit. More atmospheric and throbbingly heavy than the earlier songs. Stevie, the guitar player, says there’s a new record out soon.

Gay For Johnny Depp (New York City)
Awful, awful, posing shit. These guys are fucking idiots and you can see it onstage. Something weird going on as if they’re trying to be tongue-in-cheek, but they obviously take themselves seriously. Horrible band. If you’re unfortunate enough to see them, laugh at them and yourself if you paid to get in.



Hull (Brooklyn)
Awesome. Atmospheric. Sonically complex. Hawkwind-ish at times and jazz chords at others. Check them out over the next four days of SXSW. Thursday they’re playing the Full Metal Texas show at Emo’s at 3:10pm.

Asahara (Austin)
Same old punk/hardcore shit. I’d heard they were good, but they’re not breaking new ground. If you like your punk with 80’s speed and 90’s recycled hardcore riffs you’ll like Asahara.

Skycrawler (Austin)
Heavy, groovin’, keyboards! Just their fourth show and already they sound good. Super fucking heavy four piece, but, unfortunately, I couldn’t hear the keyboard player. Look for them around town, they’re worth your time.

Green & Wood (Los Angeles)
Rocking heaviness with a healthy 70’s undercurrent of rumbling riffage. Very jamming. Looking forward to seeing them again at the Thrasher party at Scoot Inn before Pentagram on Friday.

Say you love Satan!

SXSW Tuesday Review


No Moleste attended the $6(!) Swamp Fest metal show at Klub Krucial (lame hip-hop club with surprisingly good acoustics converted into an Emo’s annex for SXSW) on Wednesday evening – here’s a breakdown of the show in reverse order.

Kylesa headlined with their douchy, arena rock bullshit and it was as laughably bad as every other time I’ve seen them. I still don’t get the attraction to this band; it’s like a group of posed out metal head middle-school kids put a band together to cover Damad songs for the school talent show. Only that would be kind of fun, this band is just high-comedy. Being surrounded by douchebags from Westlake and Beverly Hills didn’t help and only made it easier to bail mid-set.

Austin’s The Roller absolutely crushed through the best show I’ve ever seen them play. I didn’t think the crowd knew what to do with their slow, bluesed-out heaviness, but I got different opinions from the No Molestess and others so perhaps I read it wrong. For my money, if the crowd isn’t rocking the fuck out they aren’t into the shit on stage, this isn’t MC5 blowing the faces off people standing in ’60’s stunned catatonia. Do yourself a favor and get their new record, they are destroying more popular/well-known bands off the stage.

HOD from San Antonio is decidedly fat, cheesy, and hilarious, and I had a good time laughing through their set. The singer sounds like he’s ripping off Inquisition badly, but the music is fun, especially if you’re not stuck looking at them. They were too lazy to set up a merch table so I didn’t get a record, unfortunately. Regardless, my single favorite moment of the night other than the Roller and some little metal guy getting destroyed whilst attempting to start a pit was when the singer said, “Y’all are a lame crowd. This song is called ‘Beneath the Mountains of the Scorpian'”. Zing! Nice one, uber metal singer guy – you might be taken seriously in San Antonio, but you are an absolute joke in this town.

Mammoth Grinder opened and were surprisingly good. They’ve been opening for any and all metal shows in Austin for a while and I hadn’t gotten a chance seen them yet so they made for a nice surprise. They play a varying brand of rollicking, rock and 70’s punk influenced rock/metal that deserves better than a perennial opening slot. Looking forward to listening to the LP.

Overall, the show was a fun way to ease into SXSW, and tomorrow will be the start of good day shows. Dixie Witch, Dark Castle, and Rwake will be playing a free show at Scoot Inn starting at 1pm before the day gives way to a great night lineup at Emo’s. OFF! and Bad Brains highlight the outside showcase, and Arson Anthem, The Secret, and The Roller will be playing inside. See ya there!