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Hold Me Closer, Tiny Danzig

Cover of Crystar #8 by Michael Golden

Look, we can all agree that The Misfits were a great band, that Samhain had their moments, and that the first 2 (or 3/4, depending on who you ask) Danzig albums are absolute fucking classics, but Glen Danzig himself seems to have an extreme lack of self-deprecation. I don’t know him personally, maybe he’s a great guy, but this seems illustrative of the kinds of stories you hear/read: kid approaches Danzig (with excitement, not awe), asks him about comics, catches him off-guard with his knowledge, then leaves him scrambling to explain some shit. The shit in question? The famous skull logo that graces all things Danzig. Why not just be cool, admit it and laugh it off? Read and learn from Frank Santoro via the Comics Comics Mag site.

FYI, I saw them (them! it’s a band, remember) at Fun Fun Fun Fest two years ago and they were fucking great. Crushed through a set encompassing most of their records. They’re coming to Stubbs Friday, May 6th, and I would expect nothing less than another badass set. The other two bands, however, DEVILDRIVER and 2CENTS, I expect much less from. I’ll check them out and update this post when I get a chance.